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It is very difficult for disabled children to integrate in normal life. However, their parents have the same problem, even though many of us are not aware of this.

The parent of a disabled child must deal with every day therapies and treatments, which may be financially demanding.

Also, that is the reason why Granvia Foundation decided to help the non-profit organization Pomocníček residing in Sereď. By purchasing the tools for the children with a severe disability, we created a room for therapies that bring together not only children, but also their parents.

More than 40 children can enjoy the more effective therapy, which helps them to progress. We purchased equipment for monitoring the sharpness of sight, test for low contrast or test for colours visibility at infants. Within the project, parents were engaged also in refurbishing works and they helped building the partitions and the overall enhancement of the facility.

Progressing of the children with our support is an important prerequisite for their more equal use in the society.

Patron : Silvia Miklovičová

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Unemployment in Prešov region in 2017 was one of the biggest in Slovakia, almost 15 percent. People in difficult life situation had even bigger problem, to find their use on market. In scope of their project, organization Relevant in Prešov focused on young women raised in children’s homes and they decided to create for them a workplace, where they were going to learn new skills. Exactly the ones that are missing on the market. From the grant of Granvia Foundation was purchased equipment necessary to produce promotional items – e.g., electric business cards cutter, iron-on thermo-press for pictures, e.g. on shirts, printer.

The organization gets jobs from local companies, thanks to which, the workplace is self-sufficient and it can make money for itself to survive.

Relevant trains four clients in one year. After this period, it helps these women to find job, and this is how the capacity for new clients occur. 

Patron: Lenka Kubejová, Marek Reisinger

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Mentally disabled people are an exceptionally disadvantaged group on the labour market. We can say that on an open labour market, this group is the least represented and in general, employers do not count with these people as the potential employees. While mentally disabled people want and are able to work.

The aim of the project is to create education-rehabilitation centre, which will provide mentally disabled people with wide options to gain practical knowledge and skills necessary to be placed on the labour market and inevitable for an independent life. The centre will provide various types of educational and rehabilitation activities and practical preparation to carry out particular jobs. Services to individual clients will be provided during a period necessary to gain work skills. At the same time, we will make sure that they are used on open labour market.

The grant of Granvia Foundation supported the costs connected with the refurbishment of the premises of this centre.