Foundation Via Pribina was founded in 2012 by companies that participate in the project of the 51,6km Via Pribina expressway connecting Nitra and Tekovské Nemce, as well as the northern bypass of Banská Bystrica. You can read more about the expressway project here.

Driven by desire to make a difference together,  Foundation Via Pribina aims to contribute to activities that fight against various forms of social discrimination.

Our annual grant calls seek to bring together ideas, organizations and resources that focus on  investment projects bringing disadvantaged groups back into society.

We explore creative solutions and ensure that each supported project aims to act as a catalyst for a long-term change. 


The Foundation supports organizations throughout Slovakia, not only financially, but also on a personal level in the companies that founded the Foundation, through the so-called patronage.

During a grant call, each supported project has its own "patron", an employee from one of the founding companies. Patron volunteers to undertakes a balance of responsibilities with the aim to help an organization achieve its goals.

Foundation Via Pribina was established in July 2012. It was founded by companies that are involved in the implementation of the PPP expressway project Via Pribina with French VINCI Foundation Fondation pour la cité.