Foundation Via Pribina supports projects of organizations providing innovative solutions in the field of social and labor inclusion:

  • Employment
    • Integration into employment
    • Professional training and qualification
    • Transport to place of work
  • The Development of Solidarity in Society
    • Youth and community awareness
    • Reintegration into society
    • Housing availability

Foundation activities lean on the following five principles:

  • Contribute to sustainable regional development
  • Fight against all forms of social exclusion
  • Support innovative projects
  • Involvement of employees
    Foundation's Via Pribina mission is to provide supported organizations not only financial support, but through corporate volunteering of its founding companies also the appropriate skills and knowledge of their employees. The geographic scope of each grant call is therefore closely bound with the current activities of the founders of the foundation.
  • Long-term support
    The Foundation Via Pribina supports projects in the long term. Each supported project will be evaluated after completing one year. Assessment is used not only to assess the relevance and usefulness, but it also allows evaluating the benefits of established cooperation.